Excavator Arm Cylinder Pin Caterpillar 330C 330CL

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This Arm cylinder pin Caterpillar 330C 330CL is ideal for quenching and tempering. After tempering, surface sensing treatment after turning and other processes makes this arm cylinder pin more durable performance and wear resistance, and better fits the arm cylinder pin Caterpillar 330C 330CL model.

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Arm Cylinder pin



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Caterpillar 330C 330CL


Bule or Customer Required


JALE or Customer Required




Plywood Pallet or Customer Required

Delivery time

15-20days(one container)

Suitable machine

All Brands


36 months

Loading port

Qingdao; Lianyungang; Rizhao…




T/T;L/C; Ail Trade Assurance; Western Union…


Crack Resistance and Abrasion Resistance
After quenching and tempering, the pin undergoes mid frequency induction hardening, which ensures sufficient core strength and wear resistance of the external surface.
After carburization, the pin bush undergoes internal and external mid frequency induction hardening, which ensures reasonable core hardness and wear resistance of internal and external surfaces.
Excellent lubrication performance
The most practical 8-shaped oil groove is adopted to ensure that the bushing has the best lubrication effect and prolong the service life of the bushing.
Longer Antirust
The original bucket bushing has been wiped with the good antirust oil and well packed, the black one has been finished with electrophoresis treatment, which ensures our bushing can be kept for a long time





Why Choose JALE Bucket Ear?

Choosing a good bucket ear manufacturer mainly depends on two points: one is that the quality of the product must pass, because the quality of the product directly affects the use of customers, the bucket ear is a vulnerable product, so the wear life directly affects customer satisfaction Spend!
The second is the price. In terms of price, JALE bucket bushing axle maintains an absolute advantage in the market, especially for dealers. Under the environment of the new normal of the market economy, demand is declining, and only a more advantageous manufacturer can hold profits. To survive, we use automated mechanized production to effectively control the process to improve production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs, so we now have an absolute price advantage compared with other products!

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