A mess! France, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Korea, USA, UK…

General strikes in South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom… Many countries around the world have begun to stage strikes, one after another, to protest the pressure of survival under inflation.

Recently, there have been strike crises in many industries in South Korea, which has brought a great crisis to the local government. Currently, a large-scale strike by South Korean truck drivers is still going on and has caused huge losses to the Korean economy.

It is not only South Korea that is facing the challenge of strike waves, but many European and American countries are also facing similar problems.

In the United States, railroad strikes are imminent. On December 9, the United States may usher in a general strike of railroad workers across the United States. This strike of more than 115,000 railroad workers will cause a “disaster” to the U.S. economy, and may even cause 765,000 Americans are unemployed.

More than 400 groups called on the U.S. Congress to intervene urgently to stop the strike.

The U.S. Congress on Thursday passed legislation to intervene to break the impasse between workers and management to avert a freight rail strike that could be devastating to the economy as the holiday looms.


The bill was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate on Thursday after passing the House with a bipartisan majority the previous day, effectively forcing persisting unions to accept a deal on higher wages that most unions have agreed to.

The measure was signed by Biden after the Senate voted 80-15.

Under a 1926 law, Congress was empowered to resolve disputes between railroads and unions as part of its power to regulate commerce. The strike would stop nearly 7,000 freight trains and cost more than $2 billion a day, according to the Association of American Railroads.

In addition, strikes in the UK have swept over 12 industries including healthcare, education and public transport.


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These countries collectively staged a “strike wave” for almost the same reason, that is, the rising cost of living under inflation, people demanded higher wages, and hoped to improve working conditions.

According to the data released by Eurostat on October 31, the overall inflation rate in the euro area reached 10.7%, setting the highest record since the establishment of the euro area. It is estimated that the inflation rate in Italy reached 12.8%, that in Germany was 11.6%, and that in France was 7.1%. . Countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have inflation rates directly above 20%.

The higher inflation rate has caused residents in these areas to face rising prices, especially energy and food, and the cost of living has increased sharply. Therefore, raising wages to deal with the current rising prices is the most important thing for trade unions in various countries to organize workers to strike. demands.

It can be seen that the consequences of the Fed’s successive interest rate hikes on the world economy have begun to emerge, and the current wave of strikes may be just the beginning, and a greater crisis may usher in the future.

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Post time: Dec-05-2022