How can I protect my Digger Bucket Edge?

If you’re trying to find answers to the above questions, then you know that digging in harsh conditions can lead to worn or damaged digger/excavator bucket edges. There are several situations in which people can wear barrel rims, and you might fall into one of these categories. Read below to find out which category is best for you.

Scenario 1: You are using your bucket without Teeth or a Blade

Many people use excavator buckets with exposed lips – meaning they are using the bucket without the teeth or blade secured to the edge of the bucket. This is either because they are unaware of the benefits of using bezels or because they cannot justify having bezels on the bucket. Does this sound familiar?

Most Digger buckets come with teeth as standard, but many people don’t want the teeth on their bucket for a particular job, so remove them and use a bucket with an exposed edge. In this case, we always recommend installing a reversible bolt on the blade. This is a hardened piece of steel that is bolted to the front of the bucket to provide an extra layer of steel to the front. This adds extra durability and resistance and prevents the lip from wearing down and becoming warped, misshapen or no longer level.

Fitting a Bolt on Blade dramatically increases the life of your bucket as you are protecting the edge with an additional layer of hardened steel. As well as reinforcing the edge with this additional strength, you are able to easily replace the worn or damaged cutting edge when required, rather than having to replace your entire bucket.

A lot of Bolt on Blades are reversible which means that when you have worn down one side, you are able to remove it, spin it round and reattach it – ready to be used once again. This obviously means you are getting twice the use out of one blade before needing to replace it.

Scenario 2: You haven’t replaced you Teeth or Blade when they have become worn or broken

You may have teeth or blades installed for your bucket, but you’re still dealing with wear on the bucket edges. This could be because you didn’t replace them before they wore out to the point of no use. Protective Edge options wear out over time, which means you have to keep an eye on them and replace or flip them when worn.

On the blade, you know when to replace or reverse the blade as it wears down, aligning with the edge of the bucket lip. If you continue to wear the blade past this point, it will start to wear down your bucket edge as well. If the wear is too deep, you will wear past the bolt holes on the lip, and you won’t be able to reinstall the blade or teeth later unless you install a new lip. In addition to wear beyond the bolt holes, it also makes the surface more difficult to level as the lip loses the flat, level appearance it normally requires to finish the finish.

 How can I protect my Digger Bu1

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 How can I protect my Digger Bu2

Post time: Nov-24-2022