How to replace bushes in a Bucket Link / H Link

Replacing the bushes in the bucket link (also sometimes referred to as an H Link) is really similar to the above methods.  One area you have to be careful with is the open end of the bucket link.  When pressing the bushes into this end you need to be very careful not to bend this end of the link.

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Other pitfalls to watch out for

Worn bush housing

If you have let the old bushes get too worn out, the bush can start to spin in the housing and wear it oval and in this case it is very hard to repair.

Really the only proper way to get this repaired is to get the arm line-bored which requires specialist equipment to weld up the arm and then re-bore it back out.

If you need an emergency solution to get you by, we have seen people add a couple of spots of weld around the outside edge of the bush and then grind them back flush. This is normally enough to hold the bush in place and stop it spinning but it can make life difficult when you when you need to replace them next time.

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Post time: Jul-25-2022