No wonder some people say that Germans can use machinery, but not hands!

The wheeled rail excavator is a peculiar machine unique to Europe, with two pairs of track wheels, a double cab, a large number of hydraulic lines, and usually two pairs of outriggers. The tonnage is generally between 17-25 tons. The rail transit system in Europe (especially Germany) is very developed, the railway network is dense, and labor costs are relatively expensive, so the construction and maintenance of railways are basically handed over to machines. Thanks to the large number of pipelines, this machine can basically do anything, and most of the attachments can be used. This kind of machine also has a very peculiar place – the extended cab can also install a person in the back, which should be taken into account the needs of construction – one person directs one person to drive. The European wheeled railway excavator market is almost completely occupied by the two German brands Liebherr and Atlas, and it is difficult for Carter to enter. In addition, the standard painting of railway excavators is this bright yellow.

The characteristics of European (German) construction machinery itself are quite distinct

   1. Versatility: There are many hydraulic pipelines and many attachments, which greatly broadens the “business scope” of excavators (including loaders), so that it is no longer limited to “digging soil”, and has become a product that is used in various industries. The “all-rounder” of the situation.

   2. Good configuration: Putting humanization first, the configuration list is very long, and many practical designs are standard. For example – you can have heated seats on your machine, or the kind that can adjust the temperature!

   3. Specificity: This is the same as the Japanese. There are demolition machines for demolishing buildings, and tunnel machines for digging tunnels. Doing so can greatly improve work efficiency and ensure safety.

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Post time: Jul-05-2022