One of the more important maintenance tasks to keep pace with a bulldozer, excavator or crawler is the machine’s track adjusters.

Proper track maintenance for crawler excavators is often overlooked. Here are five tips designed to help you make sure your track tension will optimize performance.

1.First, swing the excavator so the boom is facing the travel direction.
2.Position the arm perpendicular to the ground, with the bucket level to the ground. Pressure down to elevate and expose the entire track on one side
3.Drive the elevated track around several times to help remove dirt and other debris. This step will also loosen binding links. IMPORTANT: Once the tracks are stopped completely, engage the hydraulic safety switch with the tracks still suspended.
4.With an operator still in the cab, a second worker should measure from the bottom of the track frame to the upper face of the track shoe. Take that measurement and see how close it is to the specifications in your Operator’s Manual.
5.If adjustment is required, inject grease with a grease gun to tighten the track. Use a wrench to loosen the fitting and release grease to loosen the track. The grease is under a lot of pressure, so wear equipment to protect yourself such as safety goggles and gloves. You should always contact your dealer if you have any questions or concerns.

dealer if you have any

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Post time: Nov-11-2022